The First 3 Types of Videos You Need on Your Website

We live in a show me society. If people can’t see something, it’s not real. That’s where video comes in.

Studies show that at least 70% of all purchasing decisions are made before someone even picks up a phone or stops into a shop. That’s why having consistent, quality content on your website and social media is truly the linchpin to growing your organization.

But where do you start? Today, we share the first installment of our 3 part series… 3 types of videos you need on your website by April 1st.

Video Type 1 – Videos About Your Products or Services

What you want to do with these videos is to build a well educated consumer base. The more educated the buyer is before the purchase, the more likely they’ll be happy with the purchase and come back for more.


Our two bread and butter services are Documentary and Scripted and have videos showcasing the styles to go along with written descriptions on our website.

Video Type 2 – Right Fit Video

As appealing as it can be to work with everyone and anyone who could use your product or service, certain people or organizations will ultimately align better with what you provide. Creating a video that allows folks to self identify if they are the right fit to work with you will create long term, copacetic relationships that will leave everyone happy at the end of the day.


It took us a while, but we were eventually able to identify the values, beliefs, and goals of organizations that are the best fit for the services we provide. Check it out!

Video Type 3 – Your Process and Uniques

Odds are there are other organizations that provide the same or similar products or services as you do, but they’re not you. Educating visitors and prospects about your uniques and specific value will ultimately help you build a strong foundation of customers, partners and fans.


Here’s our Process and Uniques video for reference.

So there you go. The first 3 types of videos you need on your website. Having these videos on your website will not only increase your sales but overall, it will attract the right type of customers, clients, partners and fans to help you grow the company you want and need.

If we can help you get these videos created or help you further in anyway, do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks!