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Our Founders

Justin is the guy with a million crazy ideas and even a few good ones. His passion is solving problems and he does that daily through his work in Good Fruit, as well as his work in the community, from programs and events he’s started like the BOOM Awards and Battlefield Brawl, to his work on the Special Education Advisory Committee and the Small Business Association of Michigan’s Leadership Council, Justin keeps himself busy, seeking solutions.

He also has a second organization, Beyond Our Barriers, which works to help connect employers looking to hire with individuals with disabilities seeking employment. In his down time, Justin enjoys exercising and competes in para-athletics. He currently owns 2 US Records, in discus and shot put for his disability category. Justin is married to Meaghan and has two beautiful daughters, Felicity and Silas.

Justin Caine

Kraig is the guy that guards the company from chasing all of Justin’s crazy ideas and just goes with the good ones. He runs the ship daily, making sure clients are receiving videos they love every time.

In his down time, Kraig likes to brew beer and is a guitarist in a band that plays on weekends around the mid-Michigan bar scene.

Kraig is married to Joanne and they have a daughter, Audrey and a son, Steven.

Kraig Westfall


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