Understanding the Video Production Spectrum -Journalism

Video Spectrum

Thanks for taking the time to check out the second of our three-part series about the video spectrum. If you missed it, here’s our first blog about the two tiers, DIY video productions,  for when you are limited on budget, location, time or have a concern for safety.

Today we are talking about the third and fourth-tiers, affectionately known as the journalism tiers. Journalism videos are higher quality than DIY videos but also cost more, in either time or money. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Tier 3 – Earned Journalism

When It Makes Sense

This is a bit of an x-factor. Earned journalism aka news journalism, is a possibility whenever your organization is doing something that is deemed newsworthy to the masses. If you have an event or cause you feel is a great opportunity for News Journalism, make sure to let your local news stations know with plenty of lead time.

Production Quality?

Decent. News journalists are professionals with training and quality equipment. Ultimately, though, news stations must produce several newscasts throughout a day, so they don’t have much time to put the story together and it may be missing the depth or aspects that you’d like.

How Much Will It Cost?

It can really vary when it comes to getting the news to produce a piece on you. It doesn’t have any direct costs, but rather a combination of time and the costs for putting on a quality event or cause that intrigues the community and attracts the news.

Tier 4 – Hired Journalism

When It Makes Sense

There are a lot of things that happen that are a big deal to you and your specific audience, but it may not check the boxes for the mainstream media. Other times, even if it makes the news, you may want a more robust, well-rounded, story to share. That’s when hiring a professional video production team to tell your story makes sense.

Production Quality?

Good. Usually, there’s not a script involved and the story is put together with standup interviews. There are a minimal crew and minimal equipment during these productions. Many times the final video is accompanied by music, graphics, pictures, and text.

How Much Will It Cost?

A production like this is likely going to cost at least $1,500 and can be much more depending on the time needed and complexity of the production.

Journalism videos definitely have a little more oomph behind them when it comes to production quality than DIY videos and is a great option for putting a more professional foot forward. If you have more questions or would like to get started, let’s chat! Thanks.

*Note* This blog does not speak to the video quality spectrum of live video as it is its own beast. If you want to know more about that, give us a shout.