The Final 3 Types of Videos You Need on Your Website

Congratulations! By now you should know all about the first 6 types of videos we suggest you have on your website. If you want a refresher…

1 – 3 are Product or Services videos, Cost videos and your Values and Uniques video

4 – 6 are Customer Journey videos, FAQ videos and Employee Bio videos

and now we’re down to 7 – 9. Drum roll, please!

7. Recruitment Videos

Finding good talent is tough. But even knowing that, you don’t want just anybody working in your company. You want to make sure they are the right fit for your organization, that they understand what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. Creating a video highlighting the position you’re hiring for, interviewing current employees, and showing what someone can expect from the position on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly occurrence, will help you stand out from the competition and recruit ideal candidates.


Our friends at CEI-CMHA have worked with us over the past few years to create recruitment videos for them. Check out this recruitment video about their Residential Technician position!

5. Training Videos

Once you hire someone, you need to train them up! Doing in-person training can be beneficial at certain times, but having a video archive of different tasks and duties that employees are expected to do will save time and money in the long run and it allows for employees to look back a get a refresher whenever needed.


We love our relationship with EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) and have had the opportunity to create many videos for them including training videos for their implementors. Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced for them (the training videos are at the bottom of the page).

6. Landing Page Videos

People are very cautious about giving out their information, from concerns about identity theft, to just not wanting to get a whole lot of spam, they just don’t want to put their information out there. So taking the time to have a video that can be coupled with an information request can put people’s minds at ease.

So there you go. The final 3 types of videos you need on your website. If you have any questions or comments on how to execute any of these videos, feel free to reach out to us, or peruse Good U, as we may just have the answer right at your fingertips. For now, go forth, do good and be fruitful. We’ll talk to you soon.

The Next 3 Types of Videos You Need on Your Website

Today, we’re happy to share the second installment of our 3 part series about what videos you need on your website.

Just to recap…

We know that at least 70% of all purchasing decisions are made before someone even talks to a person. For that reason, having consistent, quality content on your website and social media is an absolute must.

We already shared the first 3 types of videos you must have on your website…

Product or service videos, cost videos, and a video about your process and uniques. If you want a refresher, here you go!

So, now that those are complete… here are the next 3 types of videos you need…

4. Customer Journey Videos

Customer Journey videos are more than testimonials. These videos take the viewer back before you were even in the picture. Back when your client first had their issue and then it takes the viewer all the way through the journey that has led them to be the happy, repeat customer they are today.


We love working with our friends at EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) for many videos, but take a look at some of the customer journey videos we have produced for them, here.

Not sure you have the budget/desire to hire a production team every time you have a raving fan? We recommend you check out our friends over at Boast, who allow your happy clients to self submit video testimonials on your behalf. In fact, we use it for ourselves! Once you receive a glowing testimonial, you can decide from there if you’d like to create a more polished, in-depth, customer journey story about your raving customer, client, partner, or fan.

5. FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are about answering the questions that you and your team get asked all the time. Taking the time to answer these questions via video will help you stand out from your competition, build trust with your website visitors. and keep you top of mind for when it’s time to make the purchase.


Our friends at Melling Engine Parts do a wonderful job of answering FAQs via video and we love producing those for them!

6. Employee Bios

When you have these videos, potential customers and clients are introduced to your team members, but it goes beyond that. They can really get to know those folks so that when it comes to making a purchase, they’re not talking to a stranger, they’re talking to Bill, the sales rep who enjoys hiking on the weekends and a good craft beer. That personal touch can go a long way.


Check out how our friends at Stormy Kromer are creating DIY profiles of their employees.

So there you are… the next 3 types of videos you need on your website. To recap, the first 3 types of videos we recommend, product or service videos, cost videos and a video about your process and uniques, all will help attract the right type of buyers to your website. These next three videos help you stand out from any competitors still in the running for the purchase.

Keep an eye out for our final installment of the series to round out the videos you absolutely need on your website.

As always, if we can help you execute these videos, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

The First 3 Types of Videos You Need on Your Website

We live in a show me society. If people can’t see something, it’s not real. That’s where video comes in.

Studies show that at least 70% of all purchasing decisions are made before someone even picks up a phone or stops into a shop. That’s why having consistent, quality content on your website and social media is truly the linchpin to growing your organization.

But where do you start? Today, we share the first installment of our 3 part series… 3 types of videos you need on your website by April 1st.

Video Type 1 – Videos About Your Products or Services

What you want to do with these videos is to build a well educated consumer base. The more educated the buyer is before the purchase, the more likely they’ll be happy with the purchase and come back for more.


Our two bread and butter services are Documentary and Scripted and have videos showcasing the styles to go along with written descriptions on our website.

Video Type 2 – Right Fit Video

As appealing as it can be to work with everyone and anyone who could use your product or service, certain people or organizations will ultimately align better with what you provide. Creating a video that allows folks to self identify if they are the right fit to work with you will create long term, copacetic relationships that will leave everyone happy at the end of the day.


It took us a while, but we were eventually able to identify the values, beliefs, and goals of organizations that are the best fit for the services we provide. Check it out!

Video Type 3 – Your Process and Uniques

Odds are there are other organizations that provide the same or similar products or services as you do, but they’re not you. Educating visitors and prospects about your uniques and specific value will ultimately help you build a strong foundation of customers, partners and fans.


Here’s our Process and Uniques video for reference.

So there you go. The first 3 types of videos you need on your website. Having these videos on your website will not only increase your sales but overall, it will attract the right type of customers, clients, partners and fans to help you grow the company you want and need.

If we can help you get these videos created or help you further in anyway, do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks!