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Fast, Flexible and Authentic

Good Fruit Video helps organizations create consistent, quality video content to increase sales, recruit talent, establish credibility as an expert, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

We do this through our Fast, Flexible and Authentic customer journey system that makes video easy. Fast means your content is always fresh and relevant to your audience. Flexible means you can call an audible at any time and we’ll still make the play. Authentic means your content will be uniquely YOU. Our promise is to deliver you a video you love every time.

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Style Videos

Utilize real people’s real words in the real world to produce an authentic video which resonates with your audience.

Range from $2,500 to $10,000

$2,500 Example

Share Your BIG News

$5,000 Example

Showcase Your Happy Clients

$10,000 Example

Stand Out From the Competition

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Scripted Video

When a video needs exact words and precise timing, our team deploys specific crew and specialized equipment to successfully execute on your vision.

Range from $5,000 to $15,000

$5,000 Example

Show Off Your Capabilities

$15,000 Example

Inspire Action

*Actors hired, locations scouted, etc.

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Scripted Video

Budgets Average Around $10,000

$10,000 Example

Educate Your Viewers

$10,000 Example

Show Off Your Product

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Capturing or streaming video live of anything from a training session to a panel discussion.

Video Capture
Single Camera

Starting at $1000

Video Capture
Multi Camera

Starting at $2,000

Live Stream
Single Camera

Starting at $2,500

Live Stream
Multi Camera

Starting at $5,000

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Video Editing &

Budgets Range from $250 – $750
Quantity discounts available

$250 Example

Basic intro/outro graphic creation
Text and music bed
Basic video channel upload

$500 Example

Advanced animated intro/outro graphic creation
Integration of graphics & added music bed
Basic video channel upload

$750 Example

Advanced animated intro/outro graphic created
Text and music bed — basic video editing
Advanced video channel upload & integration

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Good Fruit provides a free video tutorial on shooting video with your phone or laptop. However, if you’d prefer personal consultation, we provide group and one on one trainings for shooting video, proper lighting and sound, utilizing other tools during the shoot and video editing.

Starting at $300 for a half day consultation


Reach For Your Goals Today

If you think video might be right for your business, let’s schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discuss if we are a fit and how we could help you reach your goals.