Do Good & Be Fruitful,

with Good Fruit Video

Let’s Plant Some Creative Seeds Together

and Help Our Community Grow!

Kraig of Good Fruit Video recording an event

Our rally cry is meaningful to us in more ways than one.

Simply put, doing good work leads to growth and more fruitful endeavors, which guides our philosophy in creating win-win partnerships with clients.

On another level, we share the basic karma-driven belief that doing good for others is good for everyone. So let’s grow together.

“Do Good & Be Fruitful” is more than a slogan.  worldwide icon

It’s how we refer to the philanthropic arm of our business. It is a deep-rooted value within our organization to be a force for good in our community – and to support those small & mighty organizations that share that value.

We proudly sponsor and work with many charitable organizations (seriously – check out our links below to some of our favorite causes!), but we also wanted to find a way to help by doing what we do best – telling meaningful stories through great video.

That’s why we created Fruit Snacks

We know that small businesses and nonprofits don’t always have the budget to create the professional content that could help them grow. But hey – if you’re trying to do good things, we want to help you out. That’s part of our commitment to fostering positive growth in our community.

Fruit Snacks are short videos (usually 1-2 minutes) intended to help you showcase your organization and what you do, so you can share that message more effectively with the community at large. 

Each quarter we select one organization to receive a FREE Fruit Snack video, with up to 10 hours of free production time donated by Good Fruit Video.

art teacher with two young students
Smiling group of teachers and students outside REACH studio

A worker at Jersey Giant subs makes a large sandwich

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out a short application form here and tell us who you are, what you do, and how you feel you’re creating positive growth in your community
  • If selected, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss what kind of video is going to work best for you, and we’ll talk you through what to expect
  • We’ll always follow our goal, which is to make it easy for you to get you a video that makes an impact

There’s no cost to apply and no obligation to spend a dime with us at any point for this project. We just want to give you something you can use to grow – and continue putting good out into the world!

Check out some of the previous Fruit Snacks we’ve created!

Consider other funding options

We know that some businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits might not have the budget to afford professional video services. That’s why we partner with an expert in finding, and writing creative grants – because we’re passionate about lending support to help small, and mighty organizations grow!

Visit the Mint Maven website to learn about how grant funding can help you and your business today.


Reach For Your Goals Today

If you think video might be right for your business, let’s schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discuss if we are a fit and how we could help you reach your goals.