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We’re not currently hiring, but feel free to fill out an application if you want to be considered for a future position with us!

We are not currently hiring, but keep checking back, or go ahead and fill out an application indicating your interest in working with us – if something opens up soon, we’ll reach out!

About Us

Good Fruit Video is a small business in East Lansing, MI, passionate about impactful storytelling through professional video.

We appreciate working with individuals and organizations that share our belief that doing good helps everyone grow. Our mantra is to ‘do good & be fruitful’ – for ourselves, for our clients, and for the community.

We have a specific list of core values that encompass what we look for in team members and collaborators:
• Keep it Real — Be respectful and considerate to all; open and honest; communicate clearly
• It’s All Good — Stay calm but assertive, focus on solutions, make the call
• Move the Needle — Take the initiative, make progress, get it done.
• Help First — Do the right thing.
• Stay Curious — Continue learning; ask questions – don’t assume; get clarity
We’re a group of people who work well together as well as thriving independently. We’re open and honest and value the important roles everyone plays to keep us moving onward and upward.

Ultimately, we love making video almost as much as we love seeing our team live happy, fulfilling lives. Work/life balance is a big part of maintaining a comfortable, creative atmosphere; we take pride in taking care of our people.

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