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Testimonials / Customer Journey Videos Sell

Testimonials / Customer Journey Videos are an effective way to build trust and help close a deal during the sales process. At Good Fruit, we will work with your top customers and create video testimonials for you to use on your website or sales presentations.

When you complete a project, send Good Fruit your client’s information and we will reach out to them to ask about a video testimonial. With their permission, we’ll meet up with them, chat with them for 15 minutes and shoot additional video (b-roll) for 30 minutes, to create a compelling customer testimonial video about their experience working with you.

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We’ll Record Testimonials for You

Provide us the information and we’ll make a testimonial with your happy client or customer

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Testimonials for your website

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Testimonials for  social media

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Testimonials  for sales presentations

Good Fruit Video Examples

We’ve shot thousands of hours of video and created hundreds of videos over the years. Check out our examples page to take a closer look at our work.


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If you think video might be right for your business, let’s schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discuss if we are a fit and how we could help you reach your goals.