Documentary – $6,000 Budget

  • For this type of video, 60 minute conversation is all we need prior to the shoot.
  • For this type of video, a team consisting of a videographer and two assistants is best for execution.
  • We utilize a package equipment package with the possibility for extra HD cameras, advanced stabilization, light kist and/or microphones for the shoot.
  • We have found that we are able to capture all needed video and audio for the piece within a four hour block of time.
  • This type of video is traditionally produced with our standard editing package which utilizes the captured video and audio, provided assets such as pictures or graphics and text with some basic motion, color correction and audio sweetening.
  • We guarantee final delivery within 10 business days of the shoot.
  • We guarantee a rough draft within 7 days of the shoot and final delivery 3 days after all feedback has been received.
  • Depending on the size of the file(s) we use either WeTransfer or Dropbox.