Today, we’re happy to share the second installment of our 3 part series about what videos you need on your website.

Just to recap…

We know that at least 70% of all purchasing decisions are made before someone even talks to a person. For that reason, having consistent, quality content on your website and social media is an absolute must.

We already shared the first 3 types of videos you must have on your website…

Product or service videos, cost videos, and a video about your process and uniques. If you want a refresher, here you go!

So, now that those are complete… here are the next 3 types of videos you need…

4. Customer Journey Videos

Customer Journey videos are more than testimonials. These videos take the viewer back before you were even in the picture. Back when your client first had their issue and then it takes the viewer all the way through the journey that has led them to be the happy, repeat customer they are today.


We love working with our friends at EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) for many videos, but take a look at some of the customer journey videos we have produced for them, here.

Not sure you have the budget/desire to hire a production team every time you have a raving fan? We recommend you check out our friends over at Boast, who allow your happy clients to self submit video testimonials on your behalf. In fact, we use it for ourselves! Once you receive a glowing testimonial, you can decide from there if you’d like to create a more polished, in-depth, customer journey story about your raving customer, client, partner, or fan.

5. FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are about answering the questions that you and your team get asked all the time. Taking the time to answer these questions via video will help you stand out from your competition, build trust with your website visitors. and keep you top of mind for when it’s time to make the purchase.


Our friends at Melling Engine Parts do a wonderful job of answering FAQs via video and we love producing those for them!

6. Employee Bios

When you have these videos, potential customers and clients are introduced to your team members, but it goes beyond that. They can really get to know those folks so that when it comes to making a purchase, they’re not talking to a stranger, they’re talking to Bill, the sales rep who enjoys hiking on the weekends and a good craft beer. That personal touch can go a long way.


Check out how our friends at Stormy Kromer are creating DIY profiles of their employees.

So there you are… the next 3 types of videos you need on your website. To recap, the first 3 types of videos we recommend, product or service videos, cost videos and a video about your process and uniques, all will help attract the right type of buyers to your website. These next three videos help you stand out from any competitors still in the running for the purchase.

Keep an eye out for our final installment of the series to round out the videos you absolutely need on your website.

As always, if we can help you execute these videos, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!