The Two Most Important Things to Look For When Selecting a Video Production Team

If you asked a million people what they want from a video production company, many of them would come up with a consensus that they want them to produce consistent, quality video on time and on budget.

Here’s the thing… any professional video production company should be able to check those four boxes. Yet, at the end of the day, you still prefer to work with some of the companies over others. Why is that? It’s because budget, quality, and speed are only 60% of the equation. In this blog, we will share the two things most important things to look for from a video production company.

1. Their Core Focus & Values

Successful businesses always have a core focus and values from which they’ve built and run their business. Sometimes businesses go one step further and have a promise to go along with it. Promise or not, working with an organization whose focus resonates with your desired outcome and whose values mesh with your own, is key. It will, not only make for a better experience for the project but likely develop a long-term relationship.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, our core focus, values and promise are…

Our Core Focus is to… 

Make Video Easy

Our Values are…

Keep It Real – Be honest at all times

It’s All Good – Stay calm and focus on options

Move the Needle – Make progress and have an impact

Do Good Be Fruitful – Always do the right thing

Stay Curious – Continue learning

Our Promise is to…

Deliver a Video You LOVE

Our goal is that everything we do as a company reflects our Values and that we execute on our Core Focus and deliver on our Promise every time we produce a video for anyone.

Organizations with many different values than ours should likely not work with us and vice versa. It’s just not a good fit.

2. Their Production Style

Do you want to be more hands-on or do you prefer taking a hands-off approach with your production?

Do you already have an idea of what you want or do you need their team to do the creative lifting for you? 

Finding a video team whose production style jives with your desired approach is extremely important to have the best experience and outcome.

For instance, at Good Fruit, we’re not experts in creating concepts, making storyboards, and or writing scripts in-house. What we are experts at is executing on the vision that our client brings to us. Our best work happens when we are given a crystal clear vision from the client and then they step back and trust us to deliver a video they love. So, we’re not a good fit for organizations who want to be more hands-on and are expecting their video production team to provide creative vision from scratch.

Ultimately, getting a video produced should be a fun experience for you and your company. Not only should you get a piece at the end that reflects your business wonderfully, and does what you need it to do, but you should be satisfied with the entire process. Selecting a video team with the right core focus, values and style will allow you to collaborate at the level you’re comfortable with, will ultimately get you a video you love!

Good luck and have a fruitful production! If you need anything else, feel free to give us a shout. Thanks.