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Production Style

Production Style refers to the crew size and equipment needed to ensure the success of your project. The descriptions and examples below will guide you to the best fit for your project.

Video Journalist (VJ)

A single Video Journalist is trained and equipped to handle a wide range of assignments.

Assign a VJ when you have a story to capture and share. Highlight an outstanding employee or showcase a stellar customer experience.

You point, we shoot. Our VJ’s are trained and equipped to gather stories without much pre-production planning or guidance throughout the process.

Field Production

A Field Production team starts with a Video Journalist, and adds a Field Producer to assist with logistics and equipment set up. Options to add more crew and equipment are available as needed.

Deploy a Field Production team when your shoot day is tightly scheduled and several set locations will be used. The extra set of hands, ears, eyes, and brain, help keep the production humming along smoothly.


Multiple cameras, from two to however many it takes, with the ability to live switch on location or, “shoot as live” for a multicam edit later in post production.

Perfect for live performances, panel discussions, presenters, VIP interviews and more.

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